Thursday, July 14, 2005

MBA Application Essay Review Service

When I applied to Santa Clara University's MBA program back in 2000, I used an online essay review service to provide feedback on my draft essays. The service was offered by, which no longers appears to be in business. This is too bad because I thought the feedback provided by was very useful. The service was provided in what I thought was an ethical manner: I wasn't told what to write, just what areas were weak. The price at the time, if I remember correctly, was $99 per essay review. I thought that the investment was worth the price, since I thought that the quality of my essays could have made or broken my chances of being accepted into the MBA program. Unfortunately, appears to no longer exist (unless the site is temporarily down as I write this). However, I'm sure there are other similar services available. I would advise any MBA applicant to consider an essay review service.

League of MBA Bloggers

Right now, my personal blog is listed on the League of MBA Bloggers blog, listed under Santa Clara University. I'm the second entry listed for SCU, next to my friend the prolific blogger Kaleem Aziz. I'm going to submit a request to change the League's blog page to point to this blog instead of my personal blog.

I don't think I'll ever generate nearly as many entries as Kaleem, but I plan to share MBA-related content on occasion. If you're an MBA student or alumni and you maintain a blog that contains MBA related issues, you may want to submit your site to the League blog.

Graduated from Santa Clara University's MBA Program

On June 10, 2005, I graduated from Santa Clara University's MBA program. I graduated after five years of study, focusing on four concentrations: information systems, e-commerce, managing technology and innovation, and operations. Through hard work, collaboration with classmates, teachings from professors, and support from family and friends, I was able to make it through the program and graduate with honors, earning an invitation to join Beta Gamma Sigma. Graduate school was certainly a different experience than my undergraduate experience. I had a great time as an undergraduate and learned a lot, but I didn't have the knowledge and discipline that I had as a graduate student. I had to to learn the hard way how to succeed in school. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies at SCU, and look forward to staying in touch with both professors and classmates at various alumni events. For anyone considering an MBA program, I highly recommend Santa Clara University's program.

New Blog from New Graduate of Santa Clara University's MBA Program

I've created this blog to share information relevant to MBA students and alumni. Some postings on this blog were previously posted on my personal blog, and have been moved here to consolidate posts about MBA-related subjects.