Friday, September 16, 2005

Mutual Funds Monthly: Yale Manager Blasts Industry

Anyone catch the article "Mutual Funds Monthly: Yale Manager Blasts Industry" in the Wall Street Journal on September 6?

Mr. [David] Swensen's fame comes from his oversight of Yale University's
$15 billion endowment fund, which, since he was hired 20 years ago, has returned
an average of 16% a year, far outpacing the market and other funds run for


So while Yale relies on actively managed portfolios, Mr.
Swensen says individuals should just stick to index funds, especially those run
by not-for-profit companies.

Sounds like Dr. Meir Statman, SCU's often-quoted index fund promoter, and Mr. Swensen would get along fine with regards to advice for individual investors. Mr. Swensen has some interesting twists in advice apart from the usual advice from those who promote index funds. He doesn't like the Russell 2000 and promotes more international exposure than is usually advised.

Check out the full text of the article--I assume as an MBA student or graduate you have access to Since the article is copyrighted, I'd rather not post the complete article.