Monday, November 21, 2005

ERes Tips

If you're taking a class that uses ERes, then here are some tips that you may find useful:
  1. Sign up for email alerts, so that every time a new document is posted by the professor, you'll be alerted. After you log into your class's ERes page, click on the "Course Info" tab. At the bottom of this page click the link to sign up for alerts. I found this feature to be especially important for Professor Tammy Madsen's IDIS 619 (capstone) course since she frequently posted new documents.
  2. Don't bother using the "Discussion Board" tab. I think hardly anyone looks at this tab. To communicate with your classmates, you'd be better off setting up a Yahoo! Group, so that any message posted to it can be delivered via email to all members. Take the initiative to pass around a piece of paper during class to collect emaill addresses, then invite everyone to a class Yahoo! Group.
  3. The ERes chat room isn't the best either. Again, you'd have better luck using messages in a Yahoo! Group.