Monday, July 25, 2005

SCU MBA Professor Feedback

Considering what classes to take, and want the inside scoop on class workload, professor's reaching style, and more?

For student feedback about professors, there are a number of resources available on four Yahoo! Groups. You'll need to join each group to see the professor reviews within the group's database and messages.

After registering for these groups, you'll find on the homepage of each group a link labeled "Database". Click on this link to view a list of tables, among which is a professor feedback table.

In these Yahoo! Groups, most likely many emails have already been written about a professor in question. To search all of the previous messages sent within a Yahoo! Group, click on the "Messages" link on the home page of a particular group. On the "Messages" page find the field labeled "Search", then fill in the last name of a professor and click "Go" to receive a list of all messages posted about that professor. You may want to refine your query by entering both the professor name and the class number (e.g. "Fox 551" for Dr. Karen Fox's MKTG 551 class).

The SCU MBA office also posts composite student feedback from end of quarter surveys. This information is only available from the campus network's intranet. This means that you can't look up the information over the Internet; you'll have to check the reviews at school by plugging your computer into a network jack or logging into one of the computer labs on campus.

For the capstone course, IDIS 619, please see SCU MBA Capstone Course (IDIS 619) Advice where you'll find my take on the class, as well as instructions for finding useful information at

Rate My Professors is another resource for professor reviews.